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Popular Games Weekly List (Mon 2/27/17 to Sun 3/5/17

The Portland Pick-Up Soccerers

The Portland Pick-up Soccerers Popular Games Weekly List (Mon 2/27/17 to Sun 3/5/17) (Note: more games will be added as information comes in  on attendance)  _________________________Westside_____________________ Mon, Wed, Fri: 12:00 Noon to...

Heart-Centered Business for Sensitive & Strong Women

Sensitive & Strong Women

Are you a highly sensitive woman in business?  Then, you probably know that navigating the world of business doesn't always feel right -- especially when you want to be of service!  Do you wonder about how to talk about your business without...

Meetup, Share and Tea Time!

Pen to Paper: Greater Portland Area Writers

Our Meetups are a lot of fun. They're casual, open, supportive and full of creativity, sharing and learning. I hope YOU can join us for another visit to the lovely Townshend's Tea Company on Alberta St. in Portland. Although it was loud and busy...


Be a Strong Buyer in a Seller’s Market

June 1st, 2016 by Jesse Knight

If you have read my blog recently, you know I keep coming back to the same theme — it’s a seller’s market! The truth is it has been a seller’s market for a couple years now and that does not look like it’s changing anytime soon. There are a number of reasons why we are […]

Goodbye Mother-in-Law Units, Hello Granny Pods!

May 25th, 2016 by Jesse Knight

This is just a brilliant idea all the way around!

The Pricing Vortex, Buyer Psychology, and Pricing a Home Right

May 19th, 2016 by Jesse Knight

Pricing a home right is critical to selling it quickly and for the best possible price.  That sounds self-explanatory, but far too often home owners fall into the trap of overpricing their homes to build in some perceived wiggle room for low offers.  While there is a certain logic their, in the end it is […]

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